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BALM! Baby - Mold Be Gone! 4 oz

BALM! Baby - Mold Be Gone! 4 oz

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Part Number:619-7-2
If you live in a humid area, then you know MOLD & MILDEW! MOLD be GONE is the perfect solution for aiding in removing mold. Use on toys, sinks, bath tubs, surfaces & anywhere you find mold or mildew! 

Taylor House - MOLD be GONE!©

Remove Mold.Remove Dirt.Easy.
• 4oz / 120ml Recycled Aluminum
• Natural, Made in Hawaii, USA
• Kills bacteria
• Kills mold
• Non-toxic
• Prevents growth
• Removes dirt
• Comes in Recycled Aluminum!
• Cruelty Free (Ingredients & finished products NOT tested on animals)

Use MOLD be GONE! © On Moldy surfaces, mildew & all that other funky stuff!Shake & Spray on all those moldy, germy, bacteria filled areas & wipe clean.

Hawaiian Distilled Water, Taylor’s Liquid Soap, pure theraputic tea tree oil.

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