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BGN Wool Wash Bar
BGN for Sloomb Wool Wash Bar

BGN Wool Wash Bar

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Fun 2.8 oz. size that fits comfortably right in the palm of your hand. Smaller size allows you to enjoy several scents without breaking the bank. Packaging is 100% biodegradable! All scents listed below are made and ready to ship. 

To use : Rinse your wool items carefully in tepid water to get out any urine or extra 'stuff' embedded in them. Then you can fill your tub/sink or whatever you plan to wash and soak in, with warm to tepid water. As its filling you can start lathering your soap through the running water and allowing the sink to cloud up with lanolin soap. Carefully squeeze the lanolin water through your woolies to clean and use the bar on spots that need extra cleaning. Allow to soak for a bit if you'd like and then rinse and dry. To dry quickly, it helps to place your woolies at the end of a dry bath towel then roll them up and squeeze the towel roll all over to get out excess water. Unroll and lay the wool flat to dry.

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