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DuraFresh Bacteria Fighting Multi-Use Cloth (2 pack)

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DURAFRESH™ is an effective, bacteria-fighting multi-use cloth that provides value to environmentally responsible consumers seeking a healthy living environment.

Rinses 99.9% germ free under running water
Is made from sustainable wood fiber
Is soft, absorbent and stain-resistant
Reduces the need for chemical cleaners
Can be machine-washed
Does not contain any petrochemicals like many microfiber cloths
Can replace the need for dozens of rolls of paper towels
Will biodegrade in compost or can be incinerated without releasing toxins
Engineered to the highest standards and tested by independent third-parties, DURAFRESH™ is a smart, sustainable solution you can depend on for your cleaning needs at home, work or on the go.
How it contributes to your:

The DURAFRESH™ cloth helps keep your living space cleaner and family healthier. The multi layered open weave design picks up germs on surfaces and rinses 99.9% germ-free under running water; and stays fresh and odor-free.

The DURAFRESH™ cloth is an environmentally responsible choice. Made from trees, one of our most renewable resources, it lasts for many uses and then composts in approximately 12 weeks, post-use.

The DURAFRESH™ cloth is reusable and displaces dozens of rolls of paper towels, reducing waste and saving consumers money. It is soft, absorbent, reduces the need for chemical cleaners.

Just out of the package, begin by rinsing out the natural vegetable starch stiffener in ordinary tap water, or you can machine wash. We recommend air dry or low heat to extend the life of your DURAFRESH™cloths, and avoid using fabric softener.  Rinse out and air dry or wash after each use as desired. DURAFRESH™ cloth will become softer, thicker and more absorbent with repeated use. The lifespan of the cloth depends on frequency of use and washing.

DURAFRESH™ is an effective, bacteria-fighting multi-use cloth that rinses 99% germ free, is made from sustainable, wood-fiber and provides value to the health and environmentally responsible consumer. 

Made for consumers who prioritize healthy living, environmental sustainability and responsibility and recognize the inherent value that innovative, sustainable products bring to their everyday lives. Made from wood fiber; trees are one of the Earth’s most abundant renewable resources. 

Does not contain any petrochemicals like many microfiber cloths; allowing it to be composted back to nature or incinerated without dangerous toxins. 

Made in USA, with globally sourced materials, Maine workers weave, cut, sew, and package. Available in select markets nationwide beginning in mid-summer 2015.  

Reduces the need for chemical cleaners because the soft, wood fiber cloth, absorbs spills, germs and surface dirt naturally and rinses clean with water. A multi-layer, absorbent, stain-resistant fabric that softens with repeated use, can be machine washed and will compost within 12 weeks. 

One DURAFRESH™ cloth lasts for months, replacing dozens of rolls of paper towels, reducing waste, saving consumer’s money, and storage space- you get 2 in one package!

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