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This should increase our processing and shipping time as we cannot correspond via email for all orders. 

As our inventory is updated and we are more confident that it is accurate, we will remove the question and shipping should resume to a normal schedule.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Welcome to the Blossoming Rewards Program!!
What are Blossoming Rewards?
For every dollar** you spend at Blossoming Mama or www.BlossomingMama.com you will earn 1 reward point. You may redeem reward points for Blossoming Mama Gift Certificates to use for purchases in the Vintage Park or online store.

Reward Levels are:

250 points = $10 Gift Certificate
500 points = $25 Gift Certificate
750 points = $45 Gift Certificate
1000 points = $75 Gift Certificate

You can redeem your points at anytime once you earn a minimum of 250 points.

How To Redeem Your Points:
1. Log into "My Account" on BlossomingMama.com through the link in the top right corner of our site.
2. You will see the "My Rewards" section in the center of your My Account dashboard. From there you can see the amount, View Details, or Redeem Points.
3. To redeem your Blossoming Mama Rewards, click Redeem.
4. On the Redeem screen, choose the Blossoming Mama Rewards reward amount,
5. Click to redeem your Blossoming Mama Rewards! Your Blossoming Mama Rewards will be emailed to you!

Fine Print:
Points are not available on sale/clearance.
Points are non transferable.  Only the original account holder can redeem points for Gift Certificates.  However, gift certificates can be used by the original account holder or can be gifted.
Cannot combine points with other accounts.
All returns will reduce your point total.
Points cannot be added from prior purchases before your account was created.
Program may change or discontinue at anytime.
Some items are not included in the rewards program.
**sale/clearance products, exclusives, and gift certificates are NOT eligible. Reward points are calculated based on merchandise purchased after discounts, store credits, sales, discount, gift certificates, and other prices adjustments. At times, we will have exclusions up to our discretion that will apply to this rule and our system will calculate that during that special period.

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